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Research Interests

Welcome to my research projects section. Here you can find an overview of my latest scientific contributions and interests. 

An innovative contribution of my work is the creation of a new class of bioelectronic devices based on neuromorphic computing, able to work with the same time constant as their biological counterpart and, thus, allow real-time interaction. My scientific goals are: 1. understand neural principles that can improve neural interface by building them into a neuroinspired hardware; 2. understand how to encode information into spikes; 3. generate a pattern of activation to elicit efficient and natural neurostimulation to elicit sensation. My technological goals include: 1. designing front-end for reading physiological data and converting it into spikes to process into the neuromorphic chip; 2. implement closed-loop pathways on neuromorphic hardware. This approach allows for building more intuitive human-machine interfaces.

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