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Dr. Elisa Donati

Research Scientist, PhD

Institute of Neuroinformatics, 

University of Zurich and ETHZ,


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 Neuromorphic closed-loop systems


My research interests aim at designing neuromorphic circuits that are ideally suited for interfacing with the nervous system and show how they can be used to build closed-loop hybrid artificial and biological neural processing systems. 

I am also involved in the development of neuromorphic hardware and software systems able to mimic the functions of biological brains to apply for medical and robotics applications.

Breaking Science News

NEW PODCAST! How can bioinspired networks interface with the nervous system? Sunny Bains talks to Elisa Donati in Brains&Machines podcast! Join Ralph Etienne-Cummings and me in the discussion. Sponsored by EE Times | Electronic Engineering Times.

NEW NATCOM ARTICLE Could neuromorphic technology revolutionize neuroprosthetics, providing a more natural and effective way to restore lost sensations? Join me and Giacomo Valle as we explore the state of the art, and the open challenges. University of Zurich ETH Zürich Biological Sciences Division at the University of Chicago

PODCAST on FUTUREBITES What does the future of medical devices look like when microchips and nervous systems speak the same language? I asked the inspiring Dr Elisa Donati, a scientist working at the intersection of 🧠 neuroscience, 💻 technology and 💊 medicine! Thank to Bruce McCabe

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